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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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NEW: Free Guide (PDF) - Driving through Switzerland tips and tricks. 37 Pages on how to save time, avoid the traffic, pay less for gasoline, coffee and food, beautiful places and more.....

Mainly from Eastern time to End of October a lot of people are travelling by car through Switzerland to Italy or they are returning from a nice vacation.

We the authors have done this many times and therefore have experienced the holiday peak traffics ourselves.

As we are living in Switzerland we are right at the source of knowledge and wisdom.

In the last years the traffic has increased steadily and the costs in Switzerland are rising constantly mainly driven by the increasing value of the Swiss Franc.

In order to make your journey through Switzerland more enjoyable, fun and affordable we sat down to write this guide.

With this guide we want to show you how to avoid or at least reduce your time spend in a traffic jam.

We will talk about the best times to drive through the Gotthard tunnel.

We will show you alternative routes and how to monitor those live.  We will compare which ones will be faster for your travel.

We share some tips about what locals do and what tactic they use.

We will give you guidance how to save money travelling through Switzerland. Where to get your gasoline cheaper, where to have food and drinks at a lower price and other opportunities to save money.

We will introduce you to beautiful sightseeing places along the way.

Please provide your email because as soon as new information becomes available we will update our guide and send you the latest version.

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