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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Best Top Squidoo Lenses - and what they mean for you

Squidoo is one of the top hundred visited websites in the US. User create lenses on topics they are experts in. Lenses are webpages. It is a great place to get an insight into the current lifestyle questions visitors of this community come for to get an answer.And this is exactly what you need to know if you are thinking to start your own business. .
Find in the following the most visited lenses to date on squidoo:

1.) Which laptop bag should I choose for my laptop computer ?
Funky, Chick and Cool Laptop Bags
This lense is edited by mynameiskate
Innovative Idea could be: which bag to choose for your ipad or tablet computer ?

2) What is the best mother-son dance song that I should choose for my son´s wedding ?
Best Mother-Son Dance Songs
This lense was created by rms
Innovative idea could be: what is the best song for the father-daughter dance ?

3) What to do to naturally lower my blood sugar ?
10 Ways to Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar
This lense is maintained by Ener-G
Innovative idea could be: Is there an 11th Way to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar ?
What do Africans do to lower Blood Sugar ? They have the longest history and experience in plant medicine.

4) What books were recommended on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart ?
Books from "The Daily Show" - current season
This lense is owned by mynameiskate
Innovative idea could be: which book should be presented on "The Daily Show" ?

5) What Twitter Applications do I really need ?
The Only Twitter Applications List You´ll Ever Need
This lense was tweeted by airabongco
Tweet about your innovative idea @ppalme

6) What is the best HDTV in 2012 ?
The Best HDTVs for 2012
The lensmaster of this lense is Pixelrage
Innovative Idea: what will be the best HDTV to come out in 2013 ?

7) What Anime series is most favoured by the reader of squidoo ?
Top Anime List
This lense is facilitated by  Chadrew

8) What Cakes and Cupcakes to bake for your Football Party ?
Football Themed Cakes and Cupcakes
The baker of this lense is HorseAndPony
Innovative Idea could be: What cakes and cupcakes to bake for your Baseball Party ?

9) What are the ideas spread over the internet ?
Top 10 Internet Memes
This lense idea is spread by Chadrew

10) What things to do before you die ?
Bucket List of Ideas - 1000 things to do Before You Die ?
This lense was done by Marelisa
Innovative idea could be: The 1001 thing to do Before You Die is to create a lense on squidoo.
Other idea could be: Bucket List of Ideas - 1000 things not to do Before You Die.

11) What iphone case should I buy for my kids or teens ?
Best iPad Cases For Kids And Teens
The lense is brought to you by Dolphin Browsers

12) What Books does Stephen Colbert recommend in his Colbert Report ?
Books from "The Colbert Report" (Current Season)
This is another lense from mynameiskate

13) What education is important for my kids ?
The Importance Of Education is educating us on this lense

14) What do you need to know before you buy a kindle ?
Buying a Kindle - Read This Before You Buy
The expert of this lense is susan52
Innovative idea: what is the alternative to buying a kindle ?

15) What are the best iPhone Photo Applications ?
Best  iPhone Photo Applications
This iPhone lense is organized by Dolphin Browsers

16) What themed activities can be used to help children learn about frogs in classroom or homeschooling?
A Frog Theme Makes Learning Fun!
The learning fun lense is from Evelyn Saenz

What is your innovative idea ? What answers are you offering to these lifestyle questions ?
Please leave a comment with a link to your site or blog post.

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