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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to activate email subscription in feedburner ?

Feedburner Widget in blogger: Nine short steps to activate email subscription with feedburner in your blog.

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1: Log into your account at

2:  Click on your feed

3:  Click on Publicize

4: Select Email Subscriptions

5:  Select Activate

6:  Choose from Use a w√≠dget in“: Blogger

7:  Click on Go!

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8:  Click on  on Add Widget

9:  The widget will be placed on the bottom of your layout in blogger. Move the widget to the
  place of your choice in your layout.

If you prefer text, there is a very good description in this blog post:

Remark: I have chosen feedburner as it is a free tool.
My ambition is to start a business without any upfront investment. See my post:

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