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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to turn your dreams in the next big thing through coolfarming?

How to turn your dreams in the next big thing that everyone catches on and it will go viral ?

Use the swarm intelligence, the wisdom of the crowd to bring your business forward.
Peter Gloor shows how to do it succesfully. He calls his concept coolfarming.

The stages of Coolfarming are:

1) Create a cool idea.

2) Attract additional members to form a Collaborative Innovation Network (a COIN).

3) Grow the COIN into a Collaborative Learning Network (CLN) by adding friends and family.

4) ACollaborative Interest Network (CIN) will form eventually by outsiders who join.
Coolfarming - Turn Your Idea Into The Next Big Thing. A book by Peter Gloor.
Peter Gloor is doing research at the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT. He teaches how to become a creative member of Collaborative Innovation Networks.

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