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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to start your business without any money ?

While having an idea or vision does not cost any money often it requires an initial investment to start the journey. How do you overcome this barrier ?

My ambition is to build a small business without any upfront investment. All what I bring with me is a computer with access to the internet. But no other investment is allowed such as in a domain name and a hosting service.

Therefore I decided to start this blog on blogger. Hosting my blog on blogger gives me access to Google Adsense. Additionally I will use affiliate programs such as the one from amazon to build up capital.
This is a good options for those with little time or very flexible and irregular time schedule. The income is
generated over time and independent of deadlines and pay per time unit invested.

There are more options to earn money without any upfront investment such as crowdsourcing and referral programs. See at Make Money Online (without spending a dime) or see the different crowdsourcing and microworking sites listed at
List Of The Best CrowdSourcing Websites & Pay Per Task Sites

or join the Linkedin Group: Crowd Micro Worker and Time Exchange Network

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