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Monday, May 28, 2012

Gotthard Tunnel Traffic News

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Gotthard Tunnel Traffic News Sources:

1. Live Webcams Link please click 16 Live Traffic Cameras covering 40 km before and 50 km after the tunnel

Example below - web cam Gotthard
1 km
A2 North before the Gotthard tunnel: Goeschenen (webcam looking towards South direction Gotthard tunnel)
Source: Swiss authorities

Events along the Gotthard Tunnel Route

Click on the picture to see the list of events
Example below 1,5 km A2 South after the Gotthard tunnel: Airolo (webcam looking towards North direction Switzerland/Germany)
Source: OASI

2a. Google Live Traffic Map of A2 before and after Gotthardtunnel

2b. Live Traffic Update TomTom Website

Click on Plan Route or Replan to display the highway A2 between Lucerne and Bellinzona!" target="_blank

2c. Waze Live Traffic Map


3. Live Traffic Evolution at Gotthard Tunnel (graphical representation)

4. Useful Links

5. Alternative Routes to avoid the Gotthardtunnel

6. The Best Time to Drive Through the Gotthardtunnel

Forecast for the Summer Holidays, daily and weekly forecast and some information on the peak hours of the traffic jams.

7. Motorway Services Area Before and After the Gotthard Tunnel

8. Smartphone Users: How to avoid data roaming and roaming costs

9. Google Map Live Traffic Updates on iPhone: How to activate this service ?

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